Do You Know Your Why?

know your why

Did you know Southwest is the most profitable airline in history?

Even after September 11, they turned a profit. They’ve continued to grow exponentially, expanding their offerings through the years. And it all started with two men looking to give people an option for short-haul flights in Texas between Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

In “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek, the author debunks the mystery with a simple phrase: “As a result of why they do what they do, and because they are highly disciplined in how they do it, they are the most profitable airline in history.”

And please note, they are not the best airline. They aren’t always the cheapest. They have less routes than many of the other airlines out there. But, as Sinek states, “What they do is not always significantly better. But why they do it is crystal clear and everything they do proves it. There are many ways to motivate people to do things, but loyalty comes from the ability to inspire people. Only when the why is clear and when people believe what you believe can a true loyal relationship develop.”

So, Southwest knows their why, what drives them forward each day. Even more than that, every one of their employees knows and believes in the why of the company. Their cause was to give the average Joe a way to get around the country. They built their brand for the common man, and the common man loved them for it because they understood their why.

Now you know what’s coming, Affiliate. I’m going to ask you it anyways: Do you know your why? What gets you out of bed every morning at 4 a.m. to fling those gym doors open? What motivates you to come back after a month of hardship and a hit to your pocketbook? What keeps you coaching those long hours and dealing with sassy members?

Honestly, it probably has something to do with changing lives and making a positive impact. It is probably a noble cause, one your staff and members can get behind. So, are you saying it clearly? Or are people just hearing, “Come here to get muscles.” Your why is deeper and more meaningful then that: “Have the quality of life you deserve,” or something along those lines.

Not only is it essential to know your why, it’s key to make sure others know it as well. Because even if you aren’t the best Box in town or the cheapest gym around, you’ll find members still flocking to your doors, all because you simply know what you stand for.

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