KnotOut Delivers a Mobility Workout for CrossFit


KnotOut Enterprises has partnered with Oregon CrossFit to develop a mobility workout to address the needs of the CrossFit community.

Mobility, or rather the lack of mobility, has a huge impact on the ability of CrossFit members to perform many of the core movements of CrossFit. To perform squats, muscle-ups, overhead presses, and handstand push-ups correctly requires a degree of mobility that most people do not have. Developing the required mobility takes a lot of dedicated work over time. The fact is that most mobility work is done as part of pre-WOD warm-up or post workout recovery. A warm-up is important to prepare for the workout and recovery is needed to get your body at its best for the next workout. But, the time spent on warm-up and recovery is too short to deliver true mobility gains.

What is lacking is a dedicated time for mobility — as in a mobility workout. To address this problem, Jeanette Cassisi of KnotOut and Sean Wells of Oregon CrossFit have teamed up to develop and deliver a series of mobility workouts targeted to the needs of the CrossFit community. These workouts will focus on the mobility problems hindering proper execution of the main CrossFit movements. A combination of yoga, pilates, and self-myofascial release (SMR) delivers an experience that strengthens the core while simultaneously releasing tight muscles and enhancing mobility.

These workouts are available now at Oregon CrossFit. Classes and workshops to learn how to deliver and program this series of mobility workouts will be available starting in February 2016. For more information, please email KnotOut Enterprises at