Success with KIDS and Teens Program

KIDS and Teens Program

Kids need fitness, too! However, starting up any new kids and teens program can be a scary endeavor, especially if it involves a demographic you’ve never reached out to before.

But, a kids program could benefit not only your business’ revenue, but the surrounding community as well. With that in mind, Box Pro asked Korey Powell, a co-owner of CrossFit Regeneration in Louisville, Kentucky, about how he started his Box’s KIDS and Teens Program.

He explained the gym had a kids program before Powell even came to work at the Box. It was a small group of homeschool kids that did CrossFit, and it had started alongside a new moms class at the gym. Powell said the owner Charlie Sims had hopes for the program and revealed such when Powell came to work for him. “[He] asked if it was something I would be interested in taking over and expanding on a full-time basis,” said Powell. “I saw the potential in re-establishing fitness in our youth and took the risk, left the job I was at and started the program.”

Since then, it’s only continued to grow and Box Pro dug deeper into Powell’s success with CrossFit Regeneration’s KIDS and Teens Program:

BP: How is the program doing? Is it successful and if so, how do you determine this?

KP: We currently have 31 kids in our KIDS class (ages 4 to 11-years-old) and then 35 teens in our Teens Program.

Some determine success of their programs or gym by how much money they make. I don’t. I believe success comes from the message you deliver to your members and how they achieve their goals. I believe my program has become more than financially successful.

Other Boxes have reached out to me to help them start their kids program. I love doing that. I go to that Box and help develop the trainers and build the program. Then they take it over.

Success is in the results. For instance, I had a mom bring her teen daughter to me, [because she was] worried about inactivity. At first [her daughter] hated the thought of working out; lack of body awareness kept her from moving efficiently. I don’t think she liked me at first [and she] wasn’t very talkative, but very respectful. Fast forward a year later and she is squatting more than her bodyweight for multiple reps with almost flawless form. She did her first competition last spring, is set to do one in January and is helping me coach the younger kids classes.

All of my teens not only bust their butt in my gym, but they represent my gym well outside of it – in school and [in] the community. If they are getting results and reflecting themselves positively in the community, then you have a successful program.

BP: What have you found to be the keys to your success with your KIDS and Teens program?

KP: Personality. My Coaches have the best personality and kids see that. If a kid cannot relate to you or feel comfortable around you then you will not get their trust, which also means they will not push themselves for you. You have to make them work hard but show them they can have fun doing it.

BP: Do you have any other tips/advice to share with other Affiliates about your KIDS and Teens Program?

KP: If you do not have a kids program yet, do it! If CrossFit has changed the lives of people our age who needed guidance in becoming healthier and overall a better person, what do you think this program would do for our youth? We can help reverse the effects of things like childhood obesity, diabetes and depression. The possibilities are endless and the imprint you leave can last generations.

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