Keys to Running Your Own Successful Event


Fitness events are a great way to promote your community, business, attract new clients and most importantly promote fitness beyond your membership base. Whether you own or coach at a Box, have access to a great venue or maybe you just have a great concept for an event, once you have made the decision to launch an event, what are the keys to delivering a successful product?

Here are some key components to a ensuring your event is a success.

  • Registration: Event registration should not be the first challenge of your competition. Software that offers easy and reliable registration that can handle “rush” events where hundreds of registrations occur in a few minutes is essential.
  • Marketing: Event organizers often underestimate the value of event marketing. Look for tools in event software like optimizing SEO, social media promotion and optional email marketing that can be targeted for regional or national campaigns.
  • Sponsorship: What event doesn’t want sponsors? Drive the case with potential sponsors by maximizing the amount of traffic to your event website. This means embedding the three most engaging aspects of your event’s digital presence directly on your website — registration, scoring and photos.
  • Scoring: Scoring is often an overlooked component when an event is first conceived. Some event organizers plan complex workouts without addressing how to score the actual workout. Be aware of all the options available for scoring your event through your event software.
  • Judging: Don’t take judging lightly. The integrity of your event is going to fall on judging and scoring. No one wants to wait for hours or days until final results are published. By establishing and communicating standards to your judges you will ensure that the competitors are judged fairly. Make sure the right data – gender, division, score, athlete – makes its way to the scoring table in a timely fashion.
  • Photos: Encourage participants and spectators to take and share photos from your event. Great photos can be the single most effective tool to help drive event retention and recruitment for your next event.

By following some of the key points to success mentioned above, you can ensure that you are maximizing the success of your event.


Mohammed Iqbal is the founder and CEO of SweatWorks, the leading digital agency in fitness based in Virginia. In 2013, SweatWorks launched Conquest Events — a complete product suite to help event organizers launch, manage and execute a successful event. For more information, visit