Kettlebell Kitchen Introduces One of its KBK Champions

Kettlebell Kitchen
Michelle Kwak, a KBK Champion.

Kettlebell Kitchen (KBK) is proud to introduce Michelle Kwak as one of its KBK Champions. As a company that was co-founded by two veterans, KBK is honored to be able to offer a ​15 percent discount ​to all of its customers who serve or who have served the U.S.

A woman of many strengths and talents, Kwak is both a CrossFit competitor and an 88M in the Army National Guard. Her motivation to join the military started at a young age. Kwak’s father was in the Korean Army, and she said he raised her with many of the same principles he learned during the time he served.

Kwak’s passion for and dedication to CrossFit has given her an advantage in the military. Among her fellow sergeants and soldiers, she’s known as “CrossFit,” and she’s their go-to resource on how to train and what to eat to fuel tough workouts.

When she’s not at drill, Kwak relies on Kettlebell Kitchen for nutrient-dense meals that help her reach ambitious goals. Since starting CrossFit seven years ago, Kwak has achieved PRs she never thought she would. Last year, she competed in the CrossFit Games East Regional.

She said that’s why she loves CrossFit. It keeps her humble because there’s always something to work on and improve.

To learn more about Kwak’s story, check out the KBK blog, The Leaderboard.