Keeping Track of Your Box

Tracking in your Box can be beneficial.

Data and numbers can be very telling about both your business and your members.

At CrossFit Ark in Ontario, Canada, everything is now tracked through Wodify. Two months ago however, Karm Amer, the co-owner, explained they were using two products to track: one for the business side and one for WOD and member performance tracking.

“We since have moved 100 percent to Wodify for the last, I’d say, two months,” said Amer. “The reason why we did that was you had to sign in twice.”

He explained they wanted to “eliminate that step” and make it much more convenient for the members. Wodify now tracks membership, auto payment, member sign in, class packs and certain limited monthly memberships, and member performance.

It’s made keeping track of everything easier. For example, those with the limited membership have a specific number of classes they can attend. “The great thing about the program is it’s automated,” he said. “The member will automatically be reminded of how many they have.”

But, tracking is not just beneficial in the business sense. Amer noted it has more personal uses. “It allows us to find out who hasn’t showed up in the last month,” he said. “It just keeps us in touch … Once you get a little bit bigger as a gym, it becomes harder. So, when you have under 100 members, it’s somewhat manageable. When you get 150 members, it starts to get a little more difficult because you miss members. They squeak through the cracks.”

Plus, tracking allows for tangible results, and as Amer said, the empowering of athletes. “It gives them the tools they need to see their progress, to prove that what they’re doing is accomplishing their needs,” said Amer. “Why is CrossFit better than anything else? Well, we feel the proof is in the pudding. Here are the numbers.”

Finding the right system to produce those numbers took a bit of time however. Amer explained he had to wade through a multitude of various programs, eventually narrowing them down to 20 that he drew up charts for and compared. However, he said he and his Coaches ultimately asked themselves what they wanted in software? Then, they went from there.

From showing members how to work Wodify to using it to track nutrition, Amer noted the various benefits and uses of tracking. Overall though, it comes down to personal preference.

“It all depends on what [Affiliates are] looking for,” said Amer.

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