Keeping it Simple


The old saying “keep it simple” still has great value in today’s functional training. We have a tendency to forget the simplicity of working out. Sometimes the tools used with the methods practiced can be kept as we now say “functional,” thus meaning getting the results desired with simplicity. We all desire to be able to operate physically and mentally in our everyday lives. Whether that is at your job, at your hobby or playing a sport, we have that drive and desire to be at a certain level that we ourselves set. So for the congregation of training enthusiasts, do not forget one simple tool that should be used to attain to that personal high level that we strive for; thus, the landmine.

The Landmine

Commonly referred to as a rotational device, when the landmine is fixed/set it provides more of an arching movement verses a linear movement in the exercises that can be done with it. It is great for the muscles of the shoulders, the hips, the arms, the legs, the back and the truck (core). In functional training, this piece of equipment is simple, and it should be viewed similar as real landmines: an explosive device.

Training With The Landmine

Use this piece for gaining the explosive and rotational power that our bodies need, whatever the day demands of us. Each day we have movement resistance and movement generation in our daily activities, so we should be doing landmine routines to help us operate extremely functional in all three planes of movement. There are a generous number of exercises out there that can be done with the simple landmine. To name some movements that are part of training days: jump lunges, Russian twist, ab roller, single-leg deadlifts, side-to-side isolaters, reverse lunges, Snatch, etc. You have probably heard many more. Whether you use heavy weights and less reps, more rest between sets, or speed sets, the point here is to make sure the landmine is part of your weekly routine. If you don’t have one, then you probably need to ask, “Why not?” Or maybe this piece is located in the back where we need to dust it off and make sure it is not neglected.

We train to enhance muscle stimulation that leads to muscle growth. Who wouldn’t love the benefits it brings? So if you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s or over 50, the landmine is for you.


By Ed Banasky, the vice president of Fitness Master, Inc. For more information, email