Keep Your Members for Life


As the old proverb goes: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

With CrossFit more popular now than ever and Boxes popping up on every street corner, it is so imperative to focus on member retention within your own little community. How can you teach your members to “fish” so that they will “feed” from you for a lifetime? Follow these five simple steps to help build a strong community that will foster life long memberships.

1. Create an environment that allows your members to be social.

Use class time to allow members to interact with the people that they see on a regular basis. Most members are creatures of habit and like to stick to the same routine by coming to the same class times daily. Use this as an opportunity for members to build relationships with fellow peers. Social events don’t always have to be a huge production but you can also host a competition, fundraise for a cause, host a potluck or simply get creative with it.

2. Stop, look and listen to your members’ needs.

As a business owner, pay attention to the little details. What are your members saying about the programing? Are they requesting nutritional challenges? What are their outside hobbies and interests. The answers to all of these questions will help you offer programs that are tailored to their specific needs.

3. Accountability. Use it!

Pay attention to your numbers. Know how many members you have coming in your doors and how many may be leaving. Reach out to members that you have not seen within a week’s time by shooting them a simple text or message on social media. Let your members know that you notice everything and that they mean the world to you. Accountability is the glue that ties commitments to results. Hold your members accountable so they know they need to stay committed to the program and when they do, they will begin to see physical and even mental changes that will make them a believer for life.

4. Listen to your all-star team.

Your Coaches are your lifeline – use them as such. At the forefront of the battle, your Coaches see and hear everything that your members are saying. Use their feedback to tailor and alter your program as needed. Fitness is not one size fits all.

5. Good Coaches coach, but great Coaches talk nutrition.

Nutrition is the key to unlocking the door to overall health and body composition changes. It is impossible to out-train a poor diet, so why would you allow your members to work so hard without really allowing them to unleash their full potential? Encourage your Coaches to talk nutrition with your members. Nutrition is the foundation to everything else that we do in the gym.

We have become part of a fitness-crazed generation. Boxes of all shapes and sizes are popping up on every street corner. Now more than ever, it is crucial to practice methods that will allow you to keep your members for life. Go teach them how to fish!


Christina Morris is a sales manager at When she’s not helping businesses better their business, she enjoys physical activities like CrossFit, boxing and yoga. For more information, check out to become a partner. You can reach Christina directly at