Keep Your Clients Addicted to Your Brand


You know that building and maintaining a strong community is critical to the success of your Box. Your athletes don’t keep coming back for the pain because they enjoy it — they come back for something more. There’s a common saying: “It’s easier to keep a client than to get a new one.” Some days that’s easier said than done.

Here are four ways to keep your clients addicted to your brand of burn:

1. Create a great client experience

Revisit all stages of the client path in your business — can you make any improvements? How are new clients greeted? Is your Box as clean as it could be? Is your business welcoming or intimidating? Consistently evaluate all touch points, refining as needed. Clients who feel safe, make consistent progress and have a blast in the process are far less likely to churn.

2. Leverage attendance data

Clients with poor attendance are at greater risk of churn. Regularly missing a workout day can lead to suboptimal results — or even no results — which certainly doesn’t help your retention efforts.

Taking consistent attendance gives you access to visit metrics, depending on your management software. In addition to accessing visit data and trends, tracking attendance means you can use integrated email marketing tools, like automating your retention efforts and sending a “We Miss You” email to clients who haven’t attended recently.

3. Survey clients at key intervals

Periodically survey your clients to check in and collect feedback. A great time to send a survey is at the two-month mark — early in the client’s relationship with you. If a client reports anything concerning, you can address it before it becomes a bigger issue. When you proactively solicit and respond to feedback early in the client’s lifecycle, you convey a willingness to listen and a desire to improve — both of which inspire confidence and trust in your business.

The two-month mark is also a great time to ask for referrals from happy clients.

4. Build a team of retention specialists

Your staff represent your business and your brand and are a huge part of your ability to retain your clients. Take your time when hiring to make sure potential new hires will be a great cultural fit for your company. Professional, skilled instructors who are also retention specialists will keep your business’ churn to a minimum.

Losing clients is rough on your business. Spending time getting new clients is only worthwhile if you can keep your current ones. Spend time with new clients, but never neglect to show love to your current base.


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