How to Keep Vacation From Being Deadly

Finding fitness no matter where you are.It’s tempting on vacation to do absolutely nothing. To lay there, dead to the world, going on a Netflix, Christmas movie or even cookie binge.

However, health doesn’t go on a vacation. You can’t tell your heart to take a break while you eat fried Twinkies and watch a Lord of the Rings marathon. You can’t tell your joints to take it easy while you refrain from using them to instead lay on a beach, only moving to get an even tan.

In a way, vacation can be harmful, even deadly to your life. But, surely it can be the rejuvenating two-week thing it should be?

As I am home for the holidays, I have already found myself battling that nasty vacation bug. My butt doesn’t want to move off the couch half the time and I just feel like every unhealthy choice is what I need.

Yet, my saving grace has been CrossFit. No, I am not necessarily visiting another Box while out of town, but I still feel motivated. I know that if I show back up at my Box in Louisville, Kentucky, with having vanished from the world of CrossFit for 10 days, I will die. Or, at least it will be hell and I will hurt a lot.

So, I’ve taken it upon myself to find WODs I can do in my own home, just from free traveling WOD websites. Of course it’s not the same with no Coach or other members motivating me to push myself. Of course it’s not as hard and I’m not getting my Olympic lifting in like I should. However, after finishing my WOD today I felt accomplished. “I’m still a CrossFitter,” I thought, happy with myself.

Your members, whether a few or a lot, are bound to be gone around this time of year. And I’d like to argue that this month of December is one of the hardest to retain fitness in. So, what if you offered during the holiday month a travel WOD that your members could do? If you use Wodify or another tracking software, your members could put in their workouts and even see which of their buddies is slacking. Or, you could just use the power of social media to help keep people accountable. Maybe offer for a trainer to shoot someone a video or send a WOD plan for the next x amount of weeks, keeping them on track as they travel.

Fitness in CrossFit is a way of life. It’s not just something you do for an hour a day. It is every day, all day long for the rest of your time on this green Earth. Why not give your members their best shot this holiday season? Instead of maybe them deciding to cancel their membership for a month because they’ll barely be able to make it into the physical Box, give them a reason to stay. Offer them a chance to remain connected so when January rolls around, they’ll be able to jump right back in without missing a beat.

Of course, eventually you’ll want them back in the Box. CrossFit is about community after all. But, offering a way to help them stay fit this season will 1) show them you really care, 2) keep them on track and 3) once again reiterate that CrossFit is truly about more than lifts and burpees.

It’s about people. It’s about community. That is the most important thing of all.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at