Episode 87: Surviving a Pandemic with Juliet Starrett

Juliet Starrett

Right now, most gyms are in indefinite closures.

Juliet Starrett, a co-owner of San Francisco CrossFit (SFCF), said one of the hardest parts about the COVID-19 pandemic has been not being able to plan. She likes control and currently has none.

However, Starrett has been pushing onward. Keeping staff fully paid has been a highlight. Offering members a variety of virtual classes keeps the gym’s value strong. She’s been working to get her PPP Loan, has been contacting her local and state reps daily, and is constantly readjusting as the days go by.

And finally, her most important prompt is something all owners should consider: If this is just the first wave of COVID-19, can your gym handle a second shut down?

While Starrett shares a lot of positives and thing that are going well for SFCF, she is also honest with the Affiliate audience. It’s time to ask the hard questions. So, as you listen, be prepared to ask yourself and your business about what comes next.

Show Notes

  • The last podcast episode Starrett was on.
  • Why SFCF had about a week to plan for its closure.
  • How Coaches are getting even more in shape through quarantine.
  • The ins and outs of SFCF’s finances during COVID-19.
  • You aren’t alone if you’ve had issues with the PPP loan
  • Who has been hearing from Starrett very regularly right now.
  • The variety of virtual classes the gym offers.
  • What SFCF has decided about the default for memberships.
  • Honoring the spirit of the lockdown looks like this at the gym.
  • Editor Heather Hartmann’s conversation with Craig Howard.
  • Will people want to return to the gym after working out at home?
  • Why it’s currently very hard to plan for reopening the Box.
  • If allowed to open with gatherings of 10, it won’t be good for SFCF. Here’s why.
  • Could the coronavirus be worse next fall or winter, with more possible shutdowns to come?
  • Why you need to ask this hard question.
  • What makes Starrett’s position unique, but what she doesn’t tolerate.
  • The importance of authentic and real communication right now.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.