It’s Time to Mobilize


In the year it’s been up and running, Harbor Park CrossFit exceeded its owners’ expected growth numbers. David Yandel attributed that fact to mobility.

Every class at the Box in Kenosha, Wisconsin, dedicates 10 to 15 minutes at the end for members to get mobile. In the beginning, people were skeptical of the mobility focus, shared Yandel. But that has changed. He explained within the first month or two of business, he heard members talking about the mobility and its benefits to friends and co-workers.

All in all, Harbor Park’s mobility addition to its programming has made the Box stand out from the other gyms in the area. “We’ve just noticed so much benefit from people actually doing their mobility work,” said Yandel.

At Reebok CrossFit Back Bay in Boston, Massachusetts, Wes Hendricks is a chiropractor at the Spine and Sports Injury Center office located in the Box. He coaches an occasional CrossFit class as well. Plus, Hendricks writes weekly blogs about mobility and injury prevention. He also offers monthly seminars on similar topics, and does one-on-one training with athletes.

Hendricks said 10 minutes of mobility a day isn’t enough. So, when he steps onto the gym floor as a Coach, he will throw mobility into the class wherever he can. For instance, if the strength portion of the WOD is five back squats every three minutes for five sets, he will encourage members to take the time in-between each set to mobilize.

Beyond just adding stretches and mobilization to a WOD, Pioneer Valley CrossFit offers mobility classes twice a week. Ayn Toppin, the general manager at Pioneer Valley’s North Hampton facility, explained this gives members tools to use when needed. Plus, if a member can’t access a proper position, Toppin said they will often limit him or her, and this proves to motivate. “It’s educating them, but it’s also making them want it,” said Toppin.

Once you program mobility, Toppin said to stick with it. When it comes to making mobility stick, consistency is key. “Create a proper system that will last a long time, whatever type of mobilization you will choose,” she said.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at