Investing in the Right Management Software

Investing in the Right Management Software

Buying management software for your Box can be like buying a car. You are using it nearly every day of the week, so it is imperative to have something that will meet all of your needs. Hopefully you would never buy a car without evaluating its gas mileage, price or value. In the same way, you should never buy a management software without knowing how the benefits and values fit in with your priorities.

Before you spend the money on a new program, here are some benefits of different products you may find yourself looking at.

Zen Planner

Zen Planner is an all-in-one gym software with workout tracking. The tracking component is really what puts this program ahead of the game. With the click of a button you can analyze the progress any Athlete at your Box has made. Also, Zen Planner is known for their support staff. Zen Planner offers 24/7 support staff prepared to answer any questions or tweak your program to fit your needs.


MINDBODY markets its CrossFit Box specific program as being a program to help with every aspect of your business, from check-in and scheduling to payments and workout tracking. While the Pro Level of this program comes in a little more expensive than the others, it may be worth it since you can access the entire program via phone. This program also gives the option of WOD tracking. Athletes can enter their PRs at the end of class so they can see the real progress they are making across broad domains.


EZFacility enables you to focus your efforts on retaining and attracting members while increasing your profits by offering a management software that streamlines the operation of your Box. Their program, unlike others, offers a photo I.D. generation so you are always aware of who is supposed to be in your Box and who isn’t. You can incorporate a barcode into the photo IDs to easily check-in to classes. EZ Facility also offers marketing, inventory and facility management features within their program that allow you to keep track of nearly every aspect of your Box in one program.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a management software program is to make sure it fits your needs, Affiliate. The above isn’t an exhaustive list of what’s out there; it’s simply here to help you get started. Make a list of what you want from a program and keep searching until you find one that fits best with your Box. Use the free trials to test your processes and don’t be afraid to negotiate to get what you need.

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