Introducing Bulldog Mat Cleaner


Taking the guesswork out of gym cleaning, a detergent specifically formulated for your Box floors is here. The Bulldog Mat Cleaner lets gyms scrub stall mats and other hard surfaces with confidence, knowing that they are using a skin-friendly and environment-friendly detergent

Gyms across the country have already experienced the superior level of clean made possible by using the Bulldog Floor Scrubber. The Bulldog has become a trusted name among Box owners for increasing the effectiveness of cleaning routines while reducing the time spent cleaning. Now, the same company that brought you the Bulldog Floor Scrubber is introducing Bulldog Mat Cleaner, a neutral pH detergent that is non-toxic, fragrance free, dye free and biodegradable.

Bulldog Mat Cleaner works in combination with the Bulldog Floor Scrubber to help ensure harmful chemical residues are not left behind on fitness mats. Using the proper detergent on gym floors is important for the health of your athletes, and it’s important for the health of your machine. Bulldog Mat Cleaner does not create excessive suds that can be damaging to a floor scrubber. Using the wrong detergent in a floor scrubber can be an expensive mistake.

Contact safety is important whether using a floor scrubber or mop and bucket to clean your gym floors. Bulldog Mat Cleaner can also be used in a bucket for gyms that still use a traditional mop to clean their mats. This means no matter what tool your gym uses for floor care, they can still experience the benefits of the powerful yet gentle Bulldog Mat Cleaner. See what #BulldogClean means. The Bulldog Mat Cleaner is now available nationwide.

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