Into the Open

As the 2019 CrossFit Open begins in the coming week, Affiliates and athletes alike are speculating on movements to be expected and equipment needed for the upcoming workouts. 

Many Affiliates take different approaches to amplify the energy at their Box during this time, from referral programs and intramural team challenges to new workout strategies. Chennelle Miller, the owner of Raleigh CrossFit in Raleigh, North Carolina, explained her recent programming leading up to the Open has consisted of workouts from the past.

“We have been doing some previous Open workouts as part of our daily programming,” said Miller. “This is a great way for our athletes who have not previously done the Open to experience what the workouts feel like, and it also serves as a refresher and a fun memory boost for those that have participated in the Open in the past.”

But Miller is sure to not push the Open on her athletes too heavily, as to not add an intimidation factor. She encourages members to see it as a fun, community-building event, and lets competitive tendencies happen on their own among the members.

“This year, I am approaching the Open passively with our community so as not to place additional pressure, but to allow for their own internal competitor to come out,” said Miller. “I do believe the community at various gyms is always different, so knowing what your athletes like and don’t like in terms of what they want for fun verses stressful competition is up to each Affiliate. You can make it what you want based on what level of athletes you have at your facility.”

Most importantly, for Miller the Open is one of the best times to build upon an established community, encourage new members to become more involved and try new workouts designed to push athletes.

“Raleigh CrossFit uses the Open as a tool to gauge how our athletes interact with one another, how we can build team spirit, and offers new ideas to mix up our programming and usual day-to-day training,” said Miller. “I encourage all Affiliates to expect the unexpected and support their new athletes experimenting with the workouts and taking on the challenge of the 2019 Open.”

Moves Chennelle Miller is looking out for in the 2019 CrossFit Open:

  • Overhead lunges with a dumbbell.
  • A repeat workout from a past year.
  • Strongman movements.

Moves Chennelle Miller predicts to be in the 2019 CrossFit Games:

  • Paddleboards.
  • Ropes course.
  • More gymnastic movements.

Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at