Inside One Gym’s Retail Space

Retail space

Can retail be a passive revenue stream that actually makes an impact in your business?

You bet it can. However, like all things it takes time and effort. As a busy owner, you don’t necessarily want to spend your time pushing product or marketing what’s on your shelves. But, you do want to maximize your retail as it can be a passive revenue stream.

If set up correctly, you don’t have to pour tons of time into letting members know what you have. They’ll find out on their own. As such, here’s an inside look at CrossFit Iron Legion’s retail space. They’ve partnered with Kinetik Collective to create a shop members can’t help but shop in. Take a peek and get some ideas for your own space:

ACTION ITEM: Pick one thing you like that CrossFit Iron Legion does in their retail space set up. Sit down today and ask yourself, “Is that possible in my gym? How can we make it happen?” Draw up a rough plan and propose it to your staff to get their thoughts. Go from there.

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