Indoor the Box

Indoor Track

In January, the average temperature in Utah ranges from 31 degrees Fahrenheit to -11 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Visit Utah. On average, the state accumulates 500 annual inches of snow, according to the Utah Travel Industry.

Lindsay Hassell, the Affiliate of CrossFit The Club in Ogden, Utah, considers himself fortunate to have found a space for a 150-meter indoor track when he opened his Box in 2007. The track allows him to program running WODs year-round without worrying about outdoor temperatures.

Hassell had a friend who ran a family-owned club, The Ogden Athletic Club. The club was not doing well financially, so Hassell suggested putting a CrossFit Box in the club. It took some convincing, but his friend reluctantly agreed.

Programming in the winter has gotten easier for Hassell. He no longer has to substitute running WODs for rowing WODs. “If we’re going to run, we’re going to run. If we’re going to row, we’re still going to row,” said Hassell. “People who don’t like to run have to run because we’ve got a track.”

CrossFit The Club has experienced a lot of crossovers from the endurance world. Hassell said that while members of the The Ogden Athletic Club who are runners utilize the indoor track in the winter months, they also witness CrossFit WODs and will join his Box through that experience.

Connecticut winters don’t yield as much snow as Utah, but Susan Friedman, the Affiliate of CrossFit Norwalk in Norwalk, Connecticut, uses her 80-meter indoor turf track for more than just running WODs.

“If there’s ever anything you’re doing where you want it to be a little softer — some people like to do burpees on it or bear crawls — it’s a little more forgiving than the rubber mating. Also when we hold competitions it’s great because that becomes the spectator area,” Friedman said.

Depending on where your Box is located, both Affiliates recommend offering an indoor track.

Of course, Hassell stated if a Box is located in California, it would probably be nicer to do a WOD outside. But for those Boxes in areas with inclement weather, he and Friedman agree having an indoor track can really help with programming year-round.

Hayli Goode is the former digital editor for Peake Media.