Individualized Experience at The Fort

The Fort CrossFit

Kyle Rochefort started his CrossFit career in his parent’s basement when his cousin and a few others approached him about training them in 2010.

Rochefort had found CrossFit early on from some friends who were training to become Navy Seals. With his Level 1 already in hand and only two CrossFits in New Hampshire to be found, he agreed to train those who came to him.

Over time, his clientele outgrew his 500-square-foot basement. In 2011, Rochefort rented a space in a warehouse down the street. By the spring of 2013, The Fort CrossFit in Hampstead, New Hampshire, had expanded two times and now totals 4,500 square feet.

“We really care about our members and we get them results safely,” said Rochefort. “We’re willing to do different things like program for individuals and put people on different programs and have honest conversations with people.”

Emphasis on setting and achieving realistic goals is a reality at The Fort. Rochefort explained if someone who is 30 pounds overweight and has a main goal of losing weight, snatching and learning double unders isn’t the best route for him or her. “I started on [this mentality] just by being continually frustrated by people joining and being really excited about CrossFit and then discovering that it is too hard or they can’t learn certain movements and it’s just not working for them,” he said. “It needs to be a little bit more individualized than just hey, here’s what’s on the whiteboard, here’s what you’re going to do.”

While he said this is key, there were some other aspects that come into play. “Don’t underprice yourself. Put the time in and get the education that you need, and get the results that you need to deserve those prices,” said Rochefort. “Educate your members like crazy so they know your mission, they know your business, they know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish with the changes you’re making.”

On that last note, Rochefort said his members have become more and more interested in why they do the CrossFit WODs they do. By explaining to them what The Fort is trying to accomplish, his members can see the bigger picture. Again, it all comes back to caring about his members and seeing them reach their goals.

“People need to understand why you do the things you do,” said Rochefort.

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