How to Increase the Value of Nutrition Services

nutrition services

Success creates a snowball effect, especially when it comes to nutrition programs.

At CrossFit Themis in Wausau, Wisconsin, a 28-day nutrition challenge through Healthy Steps Nutrition (HSN) has created a lot of success stories within the gym’s membership. Owner Andrew Zortman said because of those testimonies, they’ve had a continuous stream of people signing up for the nutrition program.

But the 28-day challenge is just the beginning. Zortman shared they push members to join a four to six week customized program, after which they will get ongoing monthly meetings with CrossFit Themis’ health and nutrition coach. A big reason behind the longer-term program is giving members accountability. “Nutrition is something when we don’t have someone looking over our shoulder when we’re cooking in the kitchen or grabbing something on the road, but if you have someone who’s going to hold you accountable, you tend to stick to the program,” said Zortman.

Value is a trigger word when it comes to deciding on nutrition offerings at CrossFit Themis. Zortman explained he contracted with HSN because he saw it as a huge value to his athletes, Coaches and himself. It’s a plug and play program, meaning little work and research on his end.

Plus, they utilize the Inbody 270 as well, which increased the value of their nutrition services. Number don’t lie and often they push people to act. “Many times when people see the Inbody results for the first time, it adds reality to their situation and they’re more often than not, they’ll opt into doing a nutrition program to correct that,” he said.

But first, people need to know about the programs the Box offers. Whether it’s social media, word of mouth, email marketing or Coaches mentioning it before class, Zortman said they aim to make people aware of what’s offered. Non-members have also taken advantage of CrossFit Themis’ nutrition program.

While the Coaches and members are benefiting, so is the business as a whole. Zortman said the members love it, and so does his Box from a revenue standpoint. “Our revenue has increased tremendously by offering these services to help improve our athletes’ health and wellbeing,” said Zortman. “So on the backend by helping others we’re helping ourselves as Box owners increase our bottom-line.”

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