SKINS Affiliate Program Increases Athlete and Bottom Line Performance

SKINS Affiliate Program

Looking for a way to reduce retail inventory but keep cash flow coming into your Box?

Enter the SKINS Affiliate Program. SKINS has developed an online retail program for Affiliate owners to use that will generate them 20 percent commission on all sales via custom online member codes that get members 30 percent off retail pricing, plus free shipping. Each time your member code is used, you receive your 20 percent commission that is paid out each quarter. Owners and Coaches also get a special code of their own. Best part about the SKINS Affiliate Program? It’s FREE to sign up!

Not all Affiliates are the same, so SKINS can also provide you with a pre-order program designed specifically for your needs. Want your logo on SKINS Compression or Activewear for members and teams? SKINS can do that too!

“SKINS exists to make a difference for athletes in and out of the gym. This drives the product development team to innovate and create the very best performance products that enable athletes to be the best they can be. The SKINS Affiliate Program is a step for all Affiliates to join SKINS’ journey to improve the world of sports, one pair of tights at a time,” said Anthony Leon, SKINS’ U.S. sales and marketing manager.


In 1996 a keen Aussie skier had a bold ambition – to develop a garment that would improve sports performance and aid recovery. Consulting with NASA scientists and other experts, it took five years of design, testing and finessing before the first pair of SKINS tights were launched in Australia in 2002.

Word spread fast that SKINS helps you perform better and recover faster. Basically, they make you feel like a superhero – and look a bit like one too.  Pro athletes were the first to get into them and before long amateur athletes and weekend warriors joined the party.

The company has grown rapidly over the last decade, and continues to lead the innovation of the sports performance category it created, but its attitude has not changed a bit. SKINS’ mission is simple: to radically improve the world of sport, one pair of tights at a time. Let’s face it – when you’ve got a product that’s scientifically proven by numerous independent studies, you just say it how it is. No hype required.

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