Incite Tax’s Survey to Discover Financial Truth

Incite Tax

How does your Box stack up in the community?

Incite Tax, a tax and accounting firm that provides smart financial strategies for the Box owner to grow their business wealth and health, announcedthey have launched the first ever Financial Box Owner Survey. This survey will assist in uncovering the real health of the industry, what the successful Boxes are doing to stay ahead, and how you should properly pay yourself and Coaches.

“As the industry grows, some gyms are failing and many are not becoming profitable,” said John Briggs, the owner and CEO of Incite Tax. “Being involved in CrossFit for many years and seeing how much this movement helps the community, I don’t want to see the business owner’s gym dying. We are proud to provide the platform for every Box owner to see how they’re doing financially and provide the solutions to what is working in the community.”

The anonymous survey will help gauge the successes and failures of each Box, help the community understand what is working, and expose the methods to running a healthy gym.

With the increasing number of Boxes, it’s critical the owner is running the backend of their business properly. With the launch of this survey and participation, the owner will gain confidence in how to run their business and not have to blindly decide where their focus should be. Not only is the intention of the survey designed to help the CrossFit community build stronger gyms, but it is also formed to help share ideas and learn from others’ knowledge and expertise.

With candid financial information from each Box, the owners can learn from each other, stop chasing after what they think they should be doing and put their focus on what is actually working.

“I don’t think there could be a better gold mine for the Box owner than finding out what is working for others and what isn’t,” said Dustin Griffiths, a profit advisor.

Founded in 2010, headquartered in Sandy, Utah, and leading the industry in tax strategies, accounting methods and cash management systems, Incite Tax is solely focused on helping the Box owner run a healthy business and keep and grow more money. The company has worked with hundreds of gyms and Coaches throughout the country.

“If every Box were to participate in this survey they would see massive improvement to their own Box by gleaning from the strengths and weaknesses of others,” said Briggs.

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