Improved Recovery with HighBaller


Power Systems has teamed up with the makers of HighRoller to bring another great recovery product to the U.S. market – meet the HighBaller.

For targeted myo-fascial release, the HighBaller is just what you need. The round shape of the HighBaller provides a smaller surface area than its counterpart, making it possible to manipulate the muscle with deep massage and target small, specific areas. It features two adjustable massage balls that may be adjusted by angle and width for self-myofascial release.

HighBaller’s dual-massage surface is firm and creates appropriate pressure on the skin to prevent the massaged body part from slipping for a more precise and effective form of muscle care. The twin-ball configuration of the HighBaller offers the possibility to treat two problematic areas at the same time, and the width adjustment makes it possible to treat both large and small muscle groups. It also comes with a full trigger point map of the body to maximize your myofascial release session.

Features include:

• Firm, grippy rubber balls are on a stable, non-slip base and will spin independently.
• Massage area width is adjustable to fit most users and many different muscle groups.
• Perfect for specific trigger point manipulation and massage.
• Removable pins allow you to adjust the balls to a variety of positions, five spaces on each side.
• Trigger point map and instructions included.

The HighBaller is designed and manufactured in Finland, with Kickstarter success in summer 2017.

The HighBaller and HighRoller are available exclusively from Power Systems. Product set up, demonstration and exercise videos for both are FREE and can be found at

For more information, email, visit or call 800.321.6975.