Improve Customer Service with In-Home WODs

Can in-home WODs benefit your members?When I leave our office in Middletown, Kentucky, I essentially put about 16 miles and a 25 minute commute between myself and my Box. This week, when we received a large amount of snow for our region, that made getting to the gym on Monday relatively impossible.

This got me thinking … how can you be a gym to your members, even when your members can’t come to you? When severe weather strikes, if you can still open your gym, you will most likely service a certain amount of members. However, I know there are a lot of people that didn’t want to leave their homes at all earlier this week. What do you do for them?

I know that I can go to and pull the WOD off the website, but there is still a chance that the WOD could push me to find weights – which I may not have at my casa. What I’d like to receive is information from my Box with a WOD that uses household items or body weight exercises. This would keep me focused on the progressions we’ve been striving for, without having to search for a WOD or leave my home.

I’ve been designing my own in-home WODs for years, and I’ve noticed I can get really creative with in-home items. For example, the evil burpee is always a great go-to. Tabata core exercises are also good, but what if you want to really get some of the more CrossFit-esque concepts incorporated?

I used to use the hearth of my fireplace in my home to get in small box jumps. No, the hearth isn’t 24 inches, but if I increased the number of reps, its short demeanor became difficult. Secondly, I wanted to practice overhead squats. One of the most difficult aspects of an overhead squat isn’t the weight, but the actual movement of raising a bar overhead and squatting. Again, when you position a broomstick or bar stool over your head and increase the reps, you’ll find that 30-50 overhead squats with a broomstick or bar stool isn’t something to take lightly.

I’ve performed overhead lunges with stacks of books, decline pushups by putting my feet on the hearth, and a multitude of other bodyweight exercises. While I am a creative individual and get a kick out of designing a WOD and then putting my abilities to the test, not everyone has the time or the mental fortitude to think through a WOD – they simply will watch Netflix.

As we progress through winter and more severe weather, I challenge you to challenge your members to in-home WODs. Use similar philosophies that you may be using in your daily WODs and post scaled or in-home strategies to help people get in a quick workout and stay consistent with your mission.

I know this will take a little bit more time than simply posting the day’s workout. But when it comes to your customer service, reaching them outside the gym will make a world of difference.


My Favorite In-Home WOD:

AMRAP 10 Min.

10 Burpees

10 Squat Jumps

10 Pushups

10 V-Ups

Rest 2 Min.

AMRAP 5 Min.

5 Burpees

5 Squat Jumps

5 Pushups

5 V-Ups

Tyler is a former editor of Box Pro Magazine.