Importance of a Quality Website


Running your Box is no easy task. Your day is filled with to-do lists that seem to never end. With that being said, it can be easy to let important things slide off the radar, including your website. Having a strong, professional web presence can be just as vital to your Box’s longevity as other factors.

Ashley Bacsu, owner of CrossFit 317, knew having a website would give her Box a further reach to her community. While community can sometimes be a hard thing to show online, Bacsu knew how far a photo of a smiling face could go.

“We just wanted to show the awesome time you can have here to prospective members and an ease of entry to contacting us,” said Bacsu. “Also, the more we can provide value to people, whether they are members or not, that’s another one of our big goals. Whether it’s articles or videos or other things we can provide to help out, even if you aren’t a member in our physical Box.”

Consistency is key for good business, and that same consistency should be carried over onto your website. The walls in the gym of CrossFit 317 are lime green, black and white covered in the Box’s logo and quotes. The fonts, logos and colors are all carried over onto the website to stay consistent with what a prospective member would find walking into the Box.

“Being consistent with things shows a bigger picture,” said Bacsu. “If we are consistent with our branding then we are probably consistent with our business plan, our programming and how we do things. That’s one of the big things I have strived for, as we grow bigger and the more people we bring on our team, it is all about consistency.”

Showing the branding on your site is extremely important, but utilizing your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how you will get people to actually see that branding. The SEO of your website is how your Box’s website will jump to the top searches on sites like Google and Yahoo.

“A lot of people just Google CrossFit Indianapolis or CrossFit St. Louis and they are going to pick those top two or three choices to take a look at,” said Bacsu. “If you aren’t anywhere near that because you have no idea what you are doing with a website that can really hurt you. It was definitely worth the investment to get it done professionally because there is a lot of things behind the scenes in a website that you don’t think about. They can help you become visible in searches and rankings, which can be huge.”

It all comes down to what the audience of your Box wants to see. According to Bacsu, her main advice is to have fun with the site and show what your community is all about.

“Really focus on showing the people you have in your Box,” said Bacsu. “Ninety percent of your members aren’t competing in the Games or going to Regionals even. They just want to be happy and feel good and go home and live a healthier life. That is what I recommend showing.”

Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at