I Want to Explore More CrossFit Boxes

Visiting other Boxes.Last week I got the opportunity to finally branch away from my home Box and check out another Box in town. I’m just now reaching my full year of CrossFit experience inside a Box with a Coach. Admittedly, one reason I’ve avoided catching a WOD at another facility is the lack of confidence I have in my own CrossFit abilities.

From that fear I wouldn’t want to enter into a WOD where I couldn’t perform. Also, I wouldn’t want to attend another Box and not be able to represent my regular Box with a strong fitness presence.

It just so happened that when I attended Derby City CrossFit with a co-worker, it was after a long three days of a squat cycle that was predated by a two-week vacation period from any CrossFit whatsoever. Needless to say, my legs were absolutely shot!

Anyhow, when I looked up the WOD, beginning with E2M for 12 minutes, three HSPU and 10 V-Ups, followed by a 15 minute AMRAP consisting of 20 KBS, 10 Push Presses and a 400 meter run, I had faith I could get my legs together for a quick workout.

Where I failed was maintaining how I utilize KBS at my regular Box. They always bother my lower back, and when partnered with runs I struggle when I don’t scale the weight — I didn’t scale the weight.

Regardless of my back tightening up, I was awarded a great experience at another Box. Slater Coe, the Coach of the class, was extremely inviting and it was fun to discuss what skills I had and what I didn’t. It was also nice to have someone that wasn’t used to seeing me every day critique my form and provide instruction to better my HSPU.

In CrossFit we have developed a culture where it’s trendy and cool to visit other Boxes. It’s not uncommon to see people showcasing where they’ve been by wearing a t-shirt from another Box. In fact, as we get into the summer months when colleges and high schools are out, it would benefit your Box to ensure all your Coaches know how to handle visiting CrossFitters.

Certainly you won’t adjust all of your focus onto the visitor, but on what level do you? With visitors in your gym, it’s vital that you take into account possibilities that the visitor might not have the skill set for the WOD. With this, it’s also important that all of your Coaches understand how to handle visitors, ensuring they fill out a waiver, are incorporated into the rest of the class and briefed on the movements that will be used in that WOD so that the Coach and visitor can discover each other’s knowledge level.

Although this sounds like a lot, visitors can bring great marketability to your gym, as well as a decent source of revenue. For Boxes that are in high-trafficked tourist markets, this could payoff more so than others.

In my experience at Derby City CrossFit I felt like a long-time member and not just a guest. I felt like I was being Coached, pushed and encouraged, much like I would’ve at my regular Box. My fear of going to another Box has been minimized for the moment and I’ve garnered a greater respect for the other Coaches in Louisville, Kentucky. Now, all I want to do is stop writing and go explore a new Box!

Tyler is a former editor of Box Pro Magazine.