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equipment deals

Don’t buy full price.

PJ Menagh, the owner of CrossFit Tigard P.A.W. in Tigard, Oregon, said it would be silly to do so, unless you absolutely need a piece of equipment. However, he explained the best thing to do is wait for a sale. One of the biggest ones coming up is Black Friday.

In the past, Menagh has snagged great deals via X-Training – who recently acquired Again Faster – on Black Friday. He explained if he spent $5,000 in equipment, he could get a $1,000 gift certificate toward another purchase. And that was on top of the other deals that were available on the website, like buy three sandbags, get one free.

So if you don’t need something ASAP, wait for equipment deals, said Menagh. If Black Friday is too soon to spend that kind of money, he shared Fourth of July and Memorial Day are also typical times equipment companies do sales. Menagh will buy things he absolutely needs throughout the year – like dumbbells when they were announced in the Open – but deals are the best bet to get the most out of your money. Often he’ll wait all year for Black Friday.

But deals don’t just happen on holidays. Although it’s a sad fact of the industry, Menagh has found great equipment deals from gyms going out of business. One located about an hour away from him closed down and he was able to buy up equipment at a great price.

If you aren’t picky about brand names, mixing and matching equipment can help save money, too. Menagh likes for his bumpers to be uniform, but med balls and kettlebells vary. In fact, with the kettlebells he went for a wide variety as some people like different finishes – from matte to glossy. Ultimately, that choice is up to you as a gym owner.

Another way to save – and maybe even make – money via equipment is selling what you don’t use. While Menagh used Craigslist, there are plenty of other forums out there. The money you make back can go to new equipment you need to purchase.

While there’s a lot to think about when it comes to equipment purchasing, remember to look for the deals in order to save money when buying equipment. Menagh said if you can afford to be patient, wait it out. Black Friday is just around the corner; you don’t know what sales you might come across, allowing you to snag some new equipment for your gym.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.