How You Can Use Business Cards

Business Cards

Blank space. That is one of the necessities on business cards, in Matt Sharp’s opinion.

As a co-owner of CrossFit Maximus, Sharp said the cards have one key purpose for him. “I think the business card is a great way to give somebody something that’s memorable about their meeting with you. But primarily for me, the reason I use business cards is to get people into the gym,” he said.

Sharp explained that cards with a matte finish and plenty of blank space on the back are great when he meets someone interested in his Box. After talking to them, he’ll often flip over the card and write “one free week [or month] and sign it.”

This, he said, hits home harder then carrying around coupons. “It’s a little more personal, I think, and there’s going to be more engagement with that,” said Sharp. “I think it feels more valuable to them if I give them a business card and it’s got ‘come in for a free week.’”

Sharp said it might be hearsay to admit, but he will often give out a free week or month via his business cards. He explained that if someone were to do the math, gaining a new client is worth more than giving away a month of classes valued at $150. At Maximus, the lifetime value of one client adds up to $3,000. “Would you trade $150 for $3,000? I would every day, all day, forever,” said Sharp. “And I really feel like if you give somebody a free month, there’s enough of a hook there, it’s enough value for them to take it serious. If you give somebody a free class, there’s not a lot of value to that. They don’t feel obligated to do it because it’s not like you’re giving them something big.”

On top of blank space and a matte finish, Sharp said community oriented images on business cards are important. Plus, making sure the card’s branding and colors match that on Facebook and the website leads to a consistent experience, said Sharp. He suggested typical contact information: name, cell phone number, email address and the Box’s website.

Most importantly, Sharp explained business cards need to serve a purpose. Sure, the card can look pretty with a glossy finish, but you can’t write on it. To him, writing down and giving someone a free month is crucial. So, keep it simple and have a compelling image, but most of all make sure your cards have a purpose. “It’s cool to have a card, but why do you have a card?” Sharp said. “What are you going to do with that?”

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