How to Use Periscope at your Box


Have you jumped on the live streaming bandwagon yet or do you still think periscope is something that is found on a submarine?

Periscope is one of the newest and fastest growing social media platforms that allows users to broadcast live from their mobile device and share it with viewers across various other platforms.  The app has only been around since March 2015, but it is quickly proving to be an excellent way for small business owners to grow their brand and connect with their audience.  

One of the best things about Periscope is it provides real-time engagement with your viewers. It gives immediate feedback to what your audience wants out of your business and starts conversations that might not otherwise have happened.  

Here are some suggestions on how to use Periscope at your Box:

1. Highlight Classes & Events

The energy of a CrossFit class is infectious. Periscope allows you to showcase all of the hard work your athletes are putting in everyday and to get others excited about joining in on the fun. It’s also a great way to share any events you are holding to highlight the fun community aspect of your Box.  

2. Provide News & Event Updates

Starting a new program at your Box? Have an in-house competition coming up and want to announce the workouts? Do it live! Your viewers will be able to ask any questions in real time, which may also help you to work out any kinks you have in certain events.

3. Behind the Scenes at Your Box

Members are always curious about the inner workings of the Box. Take them through the process of how the weekly WODs are planned out and what the method is behind your madness. Include them in the process of designing new merchandise items and get immediate feedback on your designs.    

4. Introduce and Welcome New Members

Starting out at a new Box can often be intimidating for new members fresh out of their on-ramp classes. Take a few minutes to introduce them and tell a bit about themselves. Members will be able to recognize and welcome them when they come to class.

5. Showcase New Merchandise and Products

This is a great way to show new products that have come into your store. Are they supplements? Explain why they are beneficial and how they can improve performance. Has new gear arrived? Showcase it here.


There are a few things to note about Periscope before you start using the app. If you don’t have a strong Twitter following, you will want to build that up before diving in. The two platforms are integrated and when you go live on Periscope, you can broadcast it to all of your Twitter followers – this is where you will build your audience.  

Also, broadcasts are only saved in the app for 24 hours after you go live, so make sure to share this with your audience a few times within that time frame in case they weren’t able to join you live.

Lastly, like all social media platforms, interaction with others is key. This doesn’t just mean in your broadcasts, but in broadcasts of influencers and brands in your industry. Check out what they are doing on Periscope and engage in their conversations. It’s a great way to get your brand out to a wider audience!

You can find me on Periscope under Sarah McGovern (@RAD_Living). I would love to see you over there. Happy Scoping!


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Sarah McGovern is the Founder & CEO of RAD Media, LLC, a strategic marketing & communications firm specializing in brand development, social media marketing and event management. She started CrossFit in 2012 and now works with Boxes across the country to improve their marketing and business strategies.