How to Purchase the Right Climbing Ropes

climbing ropes
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Climbing ropes can benefit your athletes in a lot of ways. From gymnastic strength to conditioning, there are some definite pros.

But, that means another piece of equipment to purchase. What should you look for in buying ropes?

The Workout Digest drew up a list in the article, “7 Best Climbing Ropes for CrossFit and Gymnastic Training (2019).” They chose products based on durability, the material and any other features that were unique to the rope.

Three pros continually resurfaced:

  • Sturdy build  
  • Versatile and very few moving parts
  • Cheap and easy to use

Some cons did as well:

  • Very slick
  • Sheds
  • Tough to break in

What about climbing rope material? Synthetic, manila, sisal and cotton are compared in an article on Garage Gym Power, “Best Climbing Ropes for CrossFit and Garage Gym – Top 13 Reviews 2019.”

A few facts on each:

  • Synthetic – withstands moisture, can be used outside, but slippery for climbing
  • Manila – easier to grip, stronger than Sisal, but may rot from the inside out if exposed to humidity
  • Sisal – cheaper and softer than Manila, but not as durable
  • Cotton – soft, inexpensive but wears quickly

You also want to make sure you are researching the right ropes. As Garage Gym power pointed out, conditioning ropes like battle ropes and pulling ropes for activities like tug of war are different than climbing ropes. And when researching, make sure to search for “gym” climbing ropes, otherwise you’ll find equipment to go rock climbing with.

On a CrossFit Coaches community Facebook page, several Coaches and Affiliates offered up their advice on what brands to buy. Their recommendations on products are as follows:

  1. Rogue Fitness
  2. Vulcan Strength Training Systems
  3. Knot and Rope Supply
  4. RopeFit Poly Dracon Gym Climbing Rope
  5. R&W Rope

There’s a lot to think about when looking to purchase a climbing rope. Make sure to do your research, ask your questions and find the best rope for your athletes.

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