How to Offer 24-Hour Access

24-hour access

Main Gate CrossFit might not be on beachfront property, but its location is no less interesting: outside the main gates of a military base in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Logan Barton, a co-owner of the Box, helped run gyms overseas for almost eight years on various military bases before opening Main Gate. He and his wife had always dreamed of opening a facility specifically with a focus on being a place for those late-shift military workers. “I wanted to do a 24-hour gym that’s great for these guys, and that’s where it went,” he said.

Barton has accomplished that feat alongside his wife and two other business partners. Opening Main Gate in early 2018, he installed a security system complete with cameras. Any member with an unlimited membership can take advantage of 24-hour access. They have to go through a certain amount of sessions with a Coach as well as sign a waiver first. Then they receive a code specific to them.

And the system alerts Barton when people are utilizing the 24-hour access. “I know exactly when they’re going in, when they’re leaving, if they left the door unlocked, everything,” explained Barton.

In fact, he’s received several questions from other owners about how to accomplish 24-hour access. To him, it’s been quite easy. “We have good insurance, we have a really kickass security system and honest members,” he said. “There’s a process behind it and the insurance requires certain things you have to do, like a 24-hour policy. You have to sign a waiver type thing and with the security stuff we use options where you can do a fingerprint access … We don’t do that; we have a cypher lock. It’s just a code and I get up to like 100 codes and so every single member has their own code.”

Barton has taken safety measures. For instance, the retail is locked up at night. They also have emergency panels where athletes can push a button that signals for help.

One of the biggest pluses of having 24-hour access is the amount of value it adds, shared Barton. So while it might not work for everyone, he said considering it should definitely be something an owner thinks about.

All of his decisions have been driven by one thing: his mission. And that is what Barton said is key to know when deciding whether or not you should offer something like 24-hour access.

“I want to be able to provide this service for the base and people that are on the base and that’s what I want,” said Barton. “I want to be a CrossFit gym that has the products and services for the base … I think a lot of people will say it now: The days of just opening a CrossFit gym and people flocking to your gym are pretty much done. And then know you are providing the best value possible. I want to wow customers.”

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