How to Handle Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Social media is a great free resource for businesses to promote their services, but if you’re not planning posts that can increase your membership in some way, then you’re probably wasting time. Below you’ll find a few easy tactics to start mastering your social media marketing: 


Often, business owners wear many hats, and although social media seems easy, it can be difficult to find time to dedicate to it.

If you are struggling making enough space in your schedule to dedicate to social media, find someone other than you who can manage it. 

The key in finding a person to run your social media well is whether or not they have a passion for the platforms you want them to post on. Plus, they need a passion for the gym, its community and its mission as a whole. 

A head Coach could very well take on the majority of this task. They are already directly involved and will understand your target market and what you want accomplished.

Another viable option is to hire a professional from outside of your gym. Whether it’s an advertising company, social media marketing firm or freelance worker, outsourcing tasks can lead to a greater social impact. Trust the professionals. 

Documentation over Creation

If you don’t necessarily have the resources to hire outside help, there are still other routes that can lead to success with minimal work. Stuart Brauer, the owner of Urban MVMNT and WTF Gym Talk, said he is a firm believer in the thesis of documentation over creation. 

“I believe business owners are so busy wearing so many other hats and sitting down and thinking, ‘What does the market want? What will they listen to? What will they click on? What will they watch?’ It’s very difficult; instead you can skip the story board part and just document what’s happening right now,” said Brauer.

To get started posting, it doesn’t have to be with a professional camera or polished photos; it can be raw, genuine footage, and people will respect it. Nearly every ad or campaign on social media is fabricated content or pure creation, so sometimes telling a real story can make even more of an impact for local businesses.

Reverting back to documentation means you can simply capture content from what’s already going on, and then post it.

Passive Referrals from Social Media

Another tactic Brauer suggested was using Facebook as a way to get passive referrals. 

“I believe if you have 100 clients in your gym, each client is one degree of separation away from your next client,” said Brauer “If you look at every client, every client knows one person who could potentially be a good client of yours as well. You need to go to the ‘one degree of separation’ marketing route.”

Brauer suggested having a photographer come in and try to get four to eight pictures of each ‘member of the month.’ Then, schedule out posts of them over a four to five day period. Use the posts to highlight each person as a member of your gym and as a human being. People who aren’t members of your gym can’t relate to pullups, but they might be able to relate to having two sons, working at a company or being a graduate of North Carolina State Unversity. Brauer suggested using their personalities to highlight them, or use sarcasm and anecdotal phrases to make it more playful and less intimidating for others to comment.

“And then here’s the magic: Tag them. You have to tag them on the photo,” he said. “My thesis is this: If you give me one client and you tell me you’ve tagged them in eight photos over the course of five days, you get a passive referral.”

A passive referral is when you constantly brag about a member, tag them, and then see their friends and family members commenting in the comments section. Send a direct message to those who comment. Say, “Hey my name is ____. I’m the owner and I just want to say thank you so much for sharing the love on our pic of ____. She’s been a member of my gym for awhile; we absolutely love her, she’s been an amazing energy in my gym. If you’re ever in the neighborhood and want to come get a workout with her, the first one is on me. Thank you so much. Have a great day.” 


By Hunter Ellis, a former intern with Peake Media.