How to Get the Most From Your Pro Shop

pro shop

No matter the size of your Box’s pro shop, retail can be a great way to offer additional resources to your athletes, while also bringing in extra revenue for your business.

But with everything your Box has happening throughout the year, optimizing your pro shop space can often fall at the bottom of your to-do list.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that the best retail spaces have a few things in common: Packaging, color and placement.


Imagine if all cereal boxes at the grocery store were facing sideways with only nutritional facts showing. This sounds enticing for those following a strict diet, but if you are going in for Lucky Charms, good luck finding it. The same goes for CrossFit gear: Make sure all packaging is lined up neatly, facing forward and right side up. Marketers put thought and strategy behind the product’s packaging design — use it to your advantage.


A retail space jumbled with conflicting colors and prints can make things feel chaotic. Consider buying your retail products in color schemes according to your gym’s branding. If you like having lots of colors, just separate it out. For example, group one section of your space with all blue and green products and another section with all red products.


Products sell best when they’re at eye level, easy to reach and easy to see, so avoid high shelves or setting them on the ground. Products should always be placed in high traffic zones and remerchandised often. By simply shifting items or rearranging shelves, items left lying on a shelf for a month can suddenly look fresh and new.

Pro Tip: Hang new products during busy class traffic times. Although this may seem chaotic, people love to shop if they feel like they’re getting an exclusive first look.

The extra few minutes spent keeping your retail space looking good can really make a difference. Teach your employees to help, too. It not only elevates the presentation of your space, but many pro shop-savvy Affiliates boast their retail can boost revenue.

Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at