How to Find a Business Coach

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Most Affiliates get in the CrossFit industry due to their pure passion for this functional form of fitness. You might have been a passionate Coach at a gym and knew you could meet a separate audience, tweak a few things to make your gym better and provide exceptional programming. After running a gym for a while, however, the business side of operations may seem overwhelming and at times, unbearable.

If and when these circumstances arise, it is nice to have a business coach to fall back on who can steer you in the right direction or show you an avenue you wouldn’t have seen.

However, the struggle in finding a business coach is the market is flooded with people suggesting this is something they specialize in. If there’s a mismatch between clients and coaches, then the whole industry suffers. That’s why it’s crucial to find the coach that is the best fit for your business.

Below are a few tips to help you seek out a business coach for the times you are a little uneasy what the next move for your Box is:

1.Ask to see work in action.

Before you invest your personal money in a business coach, ask to see where and how they have made an impact at other companies. Numbers are a great unbiased way to see improvement in a business, so ask to see how the coach has changed numbers to benefit a company.

If this isn’t an option for them, ask to sit in on an upcoming call with one of their clients. You will be able to hear their tone, see their personality and determine if they are a good fit to work with.

2. Seek out a coach with expertise in your weaknesses.

No one likes to think about areas they are weak in. However, this is the perfect reason to make a list of what you feel you need help with in terms of your business — organization, software management, productivity, and the list can go on and on.

Seek out a business coach who specializes in this area of business. They have experience in this subject matter and have ideally helped others overcome these same obstacles previously.

3. Network.

Just like you hope your members are referring others to come give your gym a try, you should use this same strategy in finding a business coach. Reach out to people you know and trust who might be able to recommend a good coach they know or have used.

If you can’t find anyone in your existing network, get referrals from people at networking events for local businesses in your area.

Some questions to consider asking friends or strangers on a business coach they have used:

What specific things did the coach help you do?

How often did you talk to them?

What was the most valuable thing you got from them?

Did you see a direct impact on your business because of the coach?

Did you genuinely enjoy working with the coach?

Kaitlyn Clay
Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at