How to Embrace the Mobile Revolution

The advantage of going mobile.Tips on how to embrace the mobile revolution to better build and market your Box:

  1. Building Your Brand

Develop a mobile friendly website that fosters engagement by offering opt-in client communications like newsletter subscriptions and reminders and confirmations via text messaging.

Mobile users are social users. By focusing on building your brand on social networks that have strong mobile platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, you’ll increase customer and prospect engagement and bring new students to your Box.

Use review sites like Yelp to build your reputation and establish credibility, and listen to what clients are saying about you by monitoring comments and questions. Establish a presence on mobile maps as the majority of searches these days are location-based.

  1. Mastering Mobile Management

Practice managing your business away from your Box, embracing freedom and flexibility in the process.

Encourage your trainers and staff to download a management app that fosters an improved gym atmosphere by removing the need for a desk area. This helps to create better staff-client interaction, allowing you to manage client profiles, class sign-ins, waiver signatures, schedules, sales and receipts – all face-to-face in what’s called the “client comfort zone.”

A mobile management app can also provide enhanced accessibility — when Internet connectivity fails, you’ll still be able to view your class and client data and continue to run business as usual.

  1. Client Retention

How can you make the most of mobile? Use business management software that includes client management tools. This will allow you to track client history, payments and memberships, and build relationships with your clients through email marketing as well as text reminders and confirmations.

Take advantage of client retention tools that track attendance, monitor no shows, and identify lapsed memberships so you can send automated “We Miss You” emails that incentivize return visits with special offers.