How to Create a Facebook Ad Campaign


You know that Facebook provides a targeted and affordable way to reach your audience – the people who live close to your fitness center. A Facebook ad is more cost-effective and targeted than other ways of advertising, and with people spending close to three hours per day on Facebook, it just makes sense to put some advertising dollars on that platform. But how to do you go about it?

  1. Go to the free Facebook Ad Manager by typing in in your browser.
  2. Decide on the goals of your ad – is it to send people to your website, boost the engagement of your post, increase conversion on a page on your website, reach people near your business or something else?
  3. Establish your audience – you can use Facebook to create a custom audience like your own email database, create a look-alike audience from your email database or some other parameter or use Facebook targeting abilities to create your target audience by selecting their interests, geographic area, age, gender, etc. You can decide to target your own fans or friends of fans.
  4. Set your budget. You can decide to pay for clicks or pay for impressions and you can set up automatic or manual bid. For people not used to advertising on Facebook, I’d recommend starting with the automatic bidding.
  5. Choose your ad creative. This step is very important to complete properly. Good creative stands out. It’s best to follow Facebook guidelines and keep the copy in the ad to less than 20 percent of the overall size. It’s also best to use the proper size for your creative, normally 1200 by 628 pixels. You can upload as many as six images and see which one performs best.
  6. Come up with good copy for your ad. Make it appealing and enticing for people to act on it. You can also test different versions of your copy to see which one performs better.
  7. Monitor and optimize on a weekly basis your campaign.

Milena Regos is the founder of Out&About Marketing, an award-winning strategically integrated digital communications agency. Milena received her B.A. in Marketing from the American University in Bulgaria and has a Master’s Degree in International Marketing from the United States International University in San Diego, California. Milena is a passionate skier, paddleboarder, mountain biker, yogi and traveler. For more information, visit or connect with her on Twitter @milenaregos.