How to Create a Cleaning Culture

Creating a Cleaning Culture

Surprisingly, the best cleaning tool isn’t a mop or a broom. Instead, it’s culture.

“If you set up that culture of cleanliness, members respect it, but they also own it,” said Derek Brock, the general manager of Four Barrel CrossFit in New Albany, Indiana.

What does that culture look like? Brock described it at his Box: For starters, it begins at the top. Every day at 1 p.m., any Coaches in the gym will stop what they are doing. Someone will grab the leaf blower and the other mops with a sanitizing solution. They will tackle the space until it shines. On the weekends, the intern will keep it clean. As for the offices and bathrooms, those are cleaned daily by one of the Coaches. Every two weeks, Brock will also get reminders on his calendar to do serious cleaning on items like the pull-up bars.

As for the athletes, they’ve been influenced by the leadership team. Brock explained with three spray bottles and paper towel dispensers placed around the Box, members will wipe down ab mats and wall balls after the workout. “Our members have really taken it on and really held each other accountable and held themselves accountable,” said Brock. “So, that certainly makes it easier on us.”

Keeping the Box clean isn’t just for safety reasons however. “Cleanliness I think is part of the deal package that you offer your athletes,” said Brock. “I think that CrossFit is high in fitness and we as Box owners, Box managers, that’s what we owe our athletes, the clean environment.”

By setting a time and remaining consistent each day, Brock said that has been a large factor in keeping the Box clean. However, the culture set up among the members has been perhaps an even larger factor to the success. “This is our Box,” said Brock. “It helps you out tremendously.”

Cleaning Culture

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