How this Gym Gained 40 New Members in Three Months

40 new members

A simple revamp in marketing strategy lead to an exponential increase in members for a local fitness business in Salem, Oregon. In just 90 days, this business grew from 60 members to 100.

So what does the owner attribute this exciting business growth to?

A marketing revamp that consisted of a total website overhaul and a new online promotion.

The Website Overhaul

Key features that made this website overhaul a success include:

  • Calls-to-Action On Every Page – You can have a distinct impact on conversions by simply adding one clear, consistent message that defines what an interested viewer’s next step should be.
  • Immediate Contact with Leads – A Harvard study found that “contacting potential customers within an hour of receiving a query is nearly seven times more effective in qualifying the lead.” Instant Connect is a feature update that allows businesses to contact their leads within seconds of them submitting their information.
  • Easy-to-Navigate Website Design – It is important for website visitors to be able to access the information they need to make a purchasing decision. With a clear website design that provides multiple avenues to find instructor information and reviews, a visitor can quickly become a lead.

The Trial

A trial offer is a perfect incentive to persuade viewers to become leads.

While no one offer works for everyone, this owner found success with an offer that provided value for customers while still requiring a purchase. This “sweet spot” between giving a deal while also requiring buyers to “have some skin in the game” makes for a high-performing online offer.

Consider this before deciding on a promotional offer:

  • Your location.
  • Your regular pricing.
  • The online promotions of your direct competitors.
  • How long does it take to effectively showcase everything your fitness center has to offer?

The Results

With 20 new members in just one month, these simple changes created enough additional revenue for this owner to hire an administrative coordinator who now can handle all incoming phone calls from leads.

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