How the Airdyne Pro Beats Other Air Bikes

airdyne pro

When it comes to fitness equipment, you definitely get what you pay for. And while you don’t have to break the bank to outfit your Box, you shouldn’t scrimp either. Given the intense beating that products take during WODs, it is smarter to buy the best quality you can to maximize performance and minimize headaches.

Recently named “the best air bike” by Garage Gym Reviews, the Schwinn Airdyne Pro delivers several superior features and overall premium operation. Here’s how it outperforms other air bikes:

  1. Performance fan – The Airdyne is equipped with 26 wide blades for greater power output. Other air bikes have far fewer, narrow blades, which limits intensity.
  2. Drive system – The Airdyne Pro has a responsive, single-stage belt drive, which converts effort directly into generating resistance. The two-stage chain drive of competitor fan bikes means energy must transfer from one chain to the next, and power is lost in the process. Plus, belt drives are smoother, quieter and more reliable than noisy chains that can feel jerky and break easily.
  3. Watt power – Because the performance fan enables exercisers to generate more watt power, they burn more calories on the Airdyne compared to a leading competitor fan bike at the same RPM. Plus, a Class A watts rating ensures accurate power measurements.
  4. Upper-body – Cushioned MultiGrip handlebars offer horizontal or vertical placement options for customized comfort. And exercisers can isolate the upper body by using the stationary anti-slip foot pegs.
  5. Seat – Not that many CrossFit participants will use it, but the oversized, padded seat has multiple fore/aft and height adjustments. Biomechanically correct positioning delivers proper knee placement for maximum engagement with each pedal stroke – with no added stress on the knees.
  6. Calibration – Take advantage of the calibration technology on the Airdyne to provide accurate and consistent results for competitions, despite variable atmospheric conditions like temperature, altitude and humidity.
  7. Tachometer – Displaying instant results, this addictive tool challenges exercisers to work harder to bury the needle!
  8. Durability – Built with a double-coated steel body, with a moisture-repellant frame, the Airdyne can accommodate users up to 350 pounds.
  9. Warranty – No competing fan bike tops the Airdyne’s warranty of 10 years on the frame, three years on parts and six months on labor.
  10. History – With decades of reliable performance worldwide, the Airdyne has an unmatched track record.