How Small Gyms Benefit From PushPress Free

PushPress Free
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The biggest issue Dan Uyemura sees with gyms right now is needing help to get on their feet.

“On one hand, this means helping them understand how to run a more efficient business,” said Uyemrura, the CEO of PushPress, Inc. “And on the other, it’s about helping them reduce some overhead as they’re working on scaling their business up.”

In fact, he said the No.1 reason gyms quit PushPress’ service is because they close their business. “As a result, we’re shifting our attention to helping them turn that situation around and grow,” he shared.

Thus, PushPress Free was born. Uyemura said they hope this helps those owners running smaller operations to have a management platform they can rely on, minus the large expense. 

He shares more below on PushPress Free:

BP: What are the benefits of PushPress Free to owners?

Dan Uyemura: In our industry, the trend lately has been to raise rates — which has left a lot of smaller gyms either system-less or having to pay a high percentage of their revenue to the system they rely on. We are looking to help there. 

And the benefits are numerous: For gym owners who fall into the bucket described above, it allows them to get into a system to help them organize their operations and business without breaking their budget. For gym owners who are brand new, it allows them to get going and scaling — and paying an amount that’s directly in line with the amount of money they make. For trainers who are training clients on the side, it also allows them to operate using a system to save them time without paying a large percentage of their revenue to the platform. 

BP: What should they know about it?

DU: PushPress Free is almost exactly like the Pro tier system we offer, which is $139 per month. However, it has some limitations:

  • There will be a feature gate. As of this writing, the gate will be limitations to the number of integrations you can use. We have gone back and forth on what limitations to impose that still give smaller gyms the perfect setup.
  • There is a plus 1% processing fee on the free platform. So instead of paying a fixed monthly $139, you will pay plus 1% on processing. We chose 1% to make it really simple to know when to upgrade and to not overpay. For example, if you bill $5,000 a month, your monthly fees will be $50. Clients should upgrade to Pro once they hit $13,900 per month.
  • Registration is fast, free and easy.  
  • We won’t do this forever, but early free users will get real time support from our staff. Later on, free clients will get access to our help documents, videos, playbooks and tours.

BP: What are the benefits of management software like PushPress to one’s business?

DU: Running a successful business relies on three things:

  • Create systems to facilitate your product/clients.
  • Putting process around these systems to allow for them to be done with quality.
  • Hiring or automating process to save your time/attention to focus on things not solvable by process — like business direction, business partnerships or product direction.

Software, by design, accomplishes all three of these. It allows you to have a standard operating procedure on how to handle aspects of your business — like onboarding a client or first day experience. It puts those procedures in replicable processes people get used to doing. Finally, it allows other people to take those tasks off your plate.

If done right, the software can take the place of people in the automation process and do the tasks itself.

Every small business needs software to help take their time back to focus on important things software cannot solve. This is why we’ve designed the free product to give smaller operations the same benefits the larger ones can afford.

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