How Myobuddy has Changed the Game for Sea Monkey CrossFit


Dakota Rager, the owner of Sea Monkey CrossFit, shares about partnering with Myobuddy Massager Pro and how it has benefited his business:

Why did you partner with Myobuddy?

DR: The first thing that drew me to Myobuddy was the amazing myofacial massager and the enthusiastic group of people who ran the company. I originally partnered with Myobuddy as a strictly sponsorship oriented relationship while training for the CrossFit Games in the middle of 2017. After I opened my Affiliate, Sea Monkey CrossFit, in late 2017, we decided to expand our professional relationship.

How have you partnered with them?

DR: I work with Myobuddy through a program that allows me to offer their product to members of my gym at a highly discounted rate, which is a big benefit for both of us. It gets their products into more peoples hands while helping the members of my gym feel better and perform at a higher level.

What benefits have you seen for your business? For your members?

DR: The business has seen success with the program because the members have experienced success from using the Myobuddy. It gives an extra avenue to the business for income while providing a nice discount and an extra benefit to the customers.

What has pleasantly surprised you about your partnership?

DR: The biggest surprise is the ease of working with the team at Myobuddy. They are always more than professional and willing to work with you on anything you might need in different situations.

Is there anything else the Affiliate should know?

DR: Try the product for yourself and it will be obvious why it is a smart decision.


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