How Kodaversaries Benefit Member Retention


With four locations and counting, Koda CrossFit is making waves in Oklahoma City.

But the Box’s growth isn’t the only reoccurring thing about it. Jared Muse, one of the co-owners of the business, said they first opened in 2011 in a 2,000-square-foot space. Even then though, he knew CrossFit wasn’t cheap for his athletes, having come as a member from another gym himself.

With that in mind, it meant a lot when members stayed at the gym long term. So from the get go, Kodaversaries were introduced.

Once a member has stayed for a year at the gym, they receive a gym bag embroidered with Koda’s logo and their name. After making it to the second year, they receive glassware with Koda’s logo on it. In the third year, a member will get a letterman jacket, complete with the gym’s logo, the member’s name and the year he/she started at the gym.

“It means a lot to people when they get their letterman jacket,” said Muse. “It just shows it means something to us that they’ve been with us for that long.”

And finally, after four years a member will have a write-up about them on Koda’s website, to be kept there forever. Right now, there are over 50 write-ups on the site and more waiting to be posted.

Each month, Muse’s wife will go through the list of upcoming anniversaries — a rolling budget is kept to account for these costs. She’ll gather the supplies and then give them to Muse to be embroidered. He will then give the gifts to the members the next month, snapping photos of them with their gifts for social media.

He said that’s been a huge benefit of the Kodaversaries. Members post photos on their social media feeds, as well as wear their jackets and carry their bags around town and to local competitions. It’s another source of marketing for Koda.

While he does spend a lot on gifts, Muse said it’s worth it. In his mind, a $50 duffle bag for a member’s $165 per month for a year is a small price to pay for their continued membership. Plus, since Koda doesn’t do contracts, it means a lot when a member stays month after month.

And it shows the members you care about them staying. Muse said one of his favorite things is looking around the gym in the afternoons and seeing all the Koda bags lying around. “I just think it shows that they are more than just a number and a monthly fee,” he said.

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