How to Handle Objections

handle objections

I have to think about it…

I can’t afford it…

I need to talk to my husband…

I forgot my wallet at home…

As a gym owner, there is nothing WORSE than hearing these objections when it comes time for someone to sign up for a membership.

So what do you do in that situation and how do you handle these objections?

Here are three tips to help you overcome objections so you can get more people signed up:

1. Don’t be an Order Taker

All too often we think we are doing a great job with sales because somebody signed up when really we just took their order. They wanted to join and they told us which package they wanted.

That’s not sales.

Sales is when you are able to take someone who knows they need to do the program, wants to do the program, but is hesitating for whatever reason. When we are able to get that person off the fence to sign up so we can help them, that’s when you are good at sales.

Remember as a Box owner, the only way we can help people is when they are in our programs. And sometimes that means we have to be the “assistant buyer” and help that person overcome their own objections.

2. Handle Objections Before They are Brought Up

If you know most people will say “I need to think about it” or “I have to talk to my spouse” before they even say it, then handle that objection right away.

When I’m doing a consultation, right from the beginning of it I’ll ask them “OK, Mrs. Smith I have to ask, does your spouse know you are here and supports you doing this?” If they say yes but then later on say, “I need to talk to my spouse” I’ve already handled that objection.

Before they bring up the money objection, I’ll ask “If you don’t mind me asking Mrs. Smith, how many days a week on average do you go out to eat? … Wow! Three times a week? How much does that cost? About $150/week? So over the course of a month you spend $600 on going out to eat, right?”

Now when they say “I can’t afford it” I can refer back to that $600 figure and how they will be saving money by joining.

3. It’s Never About the Money 

It sounds crazy, but when someone doesn’t sign up, it’s not because you are too expensive. It’s because they didn’t see the value.

Make sure you talk about that person’s goals and why they want to lose weight – their actual why.

Get deep and personal with that person and see what is going on though their mind.

When you do that you’ll be able to relate better to them and when you know their pain point, you can provide the solution.

That’s how sales are done and that’s how you are able to change more lives in your gym.

Robby Blanchard is the owner of CrossFit Reach, one of the most recognizable and profitable CrossFit Affiliates in the nation. In addition to coaching 300 athletes daily, he has helped thousands of CrossFitters through his online training programs. Robby is also a coach and business mentor through his Rx Business Program, which helps over 100 CrossFit Affiliates worldwide by teaching them how to scale their businesses.