How Fan Bikes Beat Rowers

schwann airdyne

When it comes down to low-impact, total-body workouts, both fan bikes and rowers are excellent products. Whether you use them simply to warm up or cool down, or crank out some high-intensity intervals during the WOD, both machines deliver valuable challenges without adding to the pounding on your body. You know you’ll get a good workout with each, but the Schwinn Airdyne Pro has a few advantages over the rower, including:

  • Totally intuitive. There’s no learning curve with the Airdyne Pro, and it’s virtually impossible to do it wrong. Just hop on and pedal while you push and pull with the arms. In contrast, the rower definitely requires a bit more coordination, and you see people using bad form frequently. It takes some instruction and time to master proper rowing technique and use it consistently.
  • Ideal for beginners. Newbies may struggle to correctly pace themselves on a rower, which may be too challenging at first if they go out too hard. It’s easier to simply slow down on the fan bike to reduce the intensity, and the bike provides a greater comfort factor for most people due to its familiarity.
  • Infinite resistance. With the Airdyne, the progressive wind resistance is unlimited and based solely upon your efforts. That means endless challenge. The rower is limited by the range of the dampener.
  • Isolate upper or lower-body. You can use the stationary foot pegs on the Airdyne to crank out some revolutions only with the arms and significantly fatigue the upper body. Or hit the legs in isolation without the assistance of the upper-body. While most of the time, you probably will use your entire body, these options add beneficial variety.
  • Safe for lower back. Even when you are killing it on the Airdyne, your back is upright and relatively stationary. But when you increase intensity on the rower, or begin to fatigue, the back tends to take on more of the load, and can lead to poor form or even strain over time.
  • Smaller footprint. Space tends to be at a premium in every Box, so maximize yours with Airdyne Pro units, which are compact and can be placed anywhere.

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