How a Gym Owner Gained $100,000 in Additional Revenue

additional revenue

As a CrossFit business owner, what would it mean for your Box if your website could help you drastically increase your member count? Purchasing brand new equipment, hiring new instructors, increasing your salary or opening additional locations?

For a gym owner in Pleasanton, California, growing by 200 members meant $100,000 in additional revenue this year and the purchase of a second facility.

What the owner, Paul, attributes this incredible growth to is a website upgrade that allowed the true value of his business to be clearly conveyed to his community and one particular feature that made a world of difference in how he communicates with prospects.

The Goal

Like all fitness business owners, Paul had specific goals for his fitness facility and wanted his 14th year in business to mean reaching 400 members. Before switching website providers, his main marketing efforts included Facebook advertising, email marketing and postcards; while these helped his business grow, Paul found his member count plateauing at 200.

Though his last website was aesthetically pleasing – and paid for – it wasn’t producing an amount of leads that would accomplish his gym’s growth goals.

Conveying Value Through Website Copy that Creates Conversions

One of the key reasons Paul’s new website is so effective in producing conversions is that the language of the site speaks to the value this gym provides for members. A common mistake gym owners make is flaunting their resume on their website. While years of experience, certifications and awards are very important, they aren’t what influences an individual to make a purchasing decision and ultimately become a member.

The most likely reason a viewer lands on a website is because they came from a search engine, like Google. By Googling “[Fitness Program Offered] In [Local Area],” their objective is to find the best solution for their needs. The best way to address this mindset and convince them of your value is by using language on your site that is all about them.

Instead of “We provide…” or “I teach…” use language that calls out your viewers and addresses their needs – “Training That Will Help You…”


The homepage of Paul’s site revolves completely around portraying what this business does for its members and addresses the viewer directly – i.e. Transform Your Training Today.

This website incorporates language that tells prospects what they can expect and encourages them to take action.

Connecting With Leads Instantly

The most important component of this website that lead to $100,000 in additional revenue this year is Instant Connect, a feature that sends a phone call to owners immediately upon receiving a website lead.

What makes this feature work?

When prospects fill out their contact information in the form on this website, the owner/staff are immediately alerted via an automated call that:

  1. Makes them immediately aware of the new inquisition.
  2. Allows them to call the lead instantly with just the push of a button.

This business owner is able respond to prospective members so quickly that they are often still looking at his website when their phone starts ringing. Plus, the connected call comes from a phone number with the same area code as the lead.

This immediate connection from a familiar number makes for great percentage of answered follow-up calls.

Once connected, Paul is able to speak to these potential clients about what his gym can do for them and additionally incentivise them to purchase a trial offer.

Meaningful Results

Because of this exceptional website performance, Paul was able to reach his 400 member goal and now has purchased new facilities and hired on additional staff.

With a website developed using data, technology and a team of marketing experts, it was designed using a strategy that had been A-B tested for effectiveness. This design accompanied by conversion-driven custom copy and Instant Connect technology resulted in meaningful growth for this fitness business.

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