Honey Badger Grips: Made by CrossFitters


Finally, a way to get rid of tape while keeping bars clean and hands healthy. Here’s some of what we are hearing:

“1,000 pull-ups in one day and I did not rip thanks to my Honey Badgers!!! Love my Honey Badgers.”
Tony Calabretti, Coach

“We’ve been loving the grips … sold out the last order and want to grab more.”
Jeremey Lieb, Owner of Tribal Crossfit

“Every time we have pull-ups in the workout everyone fights for these grips, no-one wants a bar without them.”
Justin Olasiman, Head Coach of Jute CrossFit

There is nothing good about ripped hands. It doesn’t prove you are tough. It doesn’t make you stronger. Tape ruins bars and collects DNA, and let’s be honest, people still tear their hands. Ripped hands are injuries and keep your members from working out the next day. That’s bad for them and your Box.

Honey Badger Grips were made by CrossFitters for CrossFitters. They are natural rubber and come with Velcro straps that allow the grips to come on and off the bar easily. They are washable and portable and there is nothing like them on the market.

We think of them as personal equipment very similar to a weight belt. There might be a few in the gym to use, but most people bring their own. You don’t use a weight belt for every lift and you don’t have to use the grips for every pull-up, bar muscle up or toes-to-bar. Unlike gloves, you aren’t stuck using them for every movement in the workout.

They were designed for work on the bar, but these grips have proven to have a lot of uses.   Athletes use them on deadlifts and farmer carries as well.

Box owners often get a couple for the gym and then find themselves buying many more at wholesale so members can buy their own.

It’s a great way to keep your bars clean, to cut down on chalk and to prove to members that training hard can also be training smart. There really is no good reason to rip.

For more information, visit honeybadgergrips.com.