How to Home-Grow Your Coaches

grow your Coaches

Have you ever wondered what kind of impact your kids program is having?
CrossFit Insurgent in West Covina, California, has an afterschool program for its local community. One of its athletes, Andrew, recently graduated high school. And now he’s an intern with the program as he attends university.

Brian Franzen, the owner of the Box, said Andrew took up Olympic weightlifting while in the afterschool program for 1.5 years. It was through those national weightlifting meets and the support he had from his Coaches he began to ponder interning at the gym. “[At one of the meets,] he pulled me aside and thanked me, one, for doing everything we do for him, and at that point he expressed interest,” said Franzen. “He goes, ‘Hey, some day I’d like to come back and start coaching and give back.’”

Give back he does. Andrew is enrolled in the Box’s six-month internship program and helps coach some of the kids he was in the program with. “It’s pretty cool because they have a whole other level of respect for him, so to see him come back as a Coach now, the kids have actually taken to it pretty well,” said Franzen.

What Does an Intern Do?

As an intern at the Box, Franzen explained they require a minimum of six hours a week. And they get to learn every aspect of the business:

  • Coaching — preparing curriculum for the day, coming up with the warm up and the cool down, cleaning/maintaining/putting away equipment.
  • Administrative duties like answering the phone.
  • How to handle incoming prospects.
  • How to use the facility’s point of sale system.

Franzen said by having all of those duties, he looks to create well-rounded Coaches. “It doesn’t matter what comes at them; they’re actually prepared to answer any and all questions,” he said. “They’ll give the best possible service to all of our members. And they are well prepared, as well. Some of our Coaches down the road express interest in becoming gym managers or even a gym owner one day, so if we can prepare them now, they’re going to have a really good foundation for the future, whether if it’s with us or eventually maybe one of these days they’re opening their own facility.”

Develop a Feeder Program

From watching Andrew grow into the position he’s now in, Franzen said the biggest takeaway he has for other Affiliates is to simply have a similar option. “Develop that feeder program, develop that youth program because we build off of that,” he said. “Andrew is a poster story now because people love to see the progress and having that feeder program, coming from junior high, high school and then developing into an adult, they get to see the good foundation that it builds, but also those stories bring out and inspire and motivate others to get involved as well. I think that’s the biggest things for other Affiliates is having that feeder program.”

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