Hiring Inside and Out

Hiring inside and out.

When CrossFit Invictus decides to hire new Coaches, only the best in the world will do. The position is advertised on its blog and social media outlets so that Coaches around the world know the Box in San Diego, California, is hiring. “The good and the bad about that is that we literally have hundreds of applicants, many of whom are highly qualified and desired candidates,” explained Michele Vieux, the director of gym operations for Invictus.

However, not every Box has the luxury of hiring Coaches from a massive pool of talent. When CrossFit Maximus in Lexington, Kentucky, opened it was one of the first Boxes in the city. Matt Sharp, the gym’s co-founder and head Coach, said that a lot of the Coaches on staff came directly from the membership pool. But, Maximus has an apprenticeship program to identify Coaches that would be a good fit. Plus, it helps new Coaches learn the programming system.

Once Invictus narrows its choices down from phone interviews, they bring the candidates in for an in-person interview. “We throw them right into the fire and ask them to coach a few of our group sessions so we can see how they interact with members on the floor, and then we invite them to join a group of us after for a ‘family dinner’ at the Martin house.” From that point the team plays “20 questions” with the potential hire to get a greater sense of who they are.

What plays the biggest role for Invictus’ staff is how the members felt about the new candidate. “We send out a survey to the members who had a chance to meet and be coached by the candidate to see what they thought,” explained Vieux.

That’s not much different from Maximus as they too look for Coaches that fit the Box’s culture and individual personalities. “We want an excellent experience for our members, and if it doesn’t live up to that, it doesn’t live up to that,” explained Sharp. “It’s nothing personal, but if someone is really passionate we’ll try and find some place that they can help. But at our place there is a very, very high standard for leading a class. We try really hard to hold to that. Even if it’s someone we really like, the class has to be amazing or it’s not a good fit.”

Vieux searches for Coaches that “possess the stamina and ability to always be at their best while they are on the floor, whether it be their first client of the day or their 300th,” she said. “No matter how tired a Coach may be, and no matter what else they may have going on in their lives, it is their job to ensure their clients are having the time of their lives and getting the best Coach possible every time they set foot in the gym.”

Tyler is a former editor of Box Pro Magazine.