Hiring for the Team

How to add people to your team.Adding a new member to the team can be terrifying. What if they have a nasty habit? What if they end up hating your guts? What if you end up hating them?

The scenarios can begin to spin out of control in the mind, exaggerated and often blown out of proportion. Even if that person has been interviewed and chatted with, the team will never quite know how the newbie will fit until he or she joins full time.

Recently, Box Pro’s parent company, Peake Media, has gone through several changes to our staff team, mostly via new additions. With a couple add-ons to the editorial team, I think you can understand that I am coming from a place I’ve recently been.

How will the new editorial staff react to our workflow? Will they be able to keep up with the deadlines and due dates? What if our interview process didn’t tell us enough about them?

I think in every business that worry is there when adding a new team member, even in CrossFit. More often than not, Boxes hire Coaches and staff from within the membership base, so it is a bit different. However, even if someone is a fabulous person, they might not be up to the task of coaching several days a week or attempting to get your administrative work organized.

So, when your friend Fred knocks on your office door to say he’d like to become a Coach or work at the front desk, how do you respond?

CrossFit is built on relationships and community; however, that doesn’t mean the business side of it can be ignored. Maybe it’s time to establish an internship program to better vet the people wanting to be on staff. Maybe it’s time to draw up an interview process in order to find the best fit possible for the position.

At Peake Media, we have a several-step process that involves a phone interview, in-person interview and an evaluation of our company’s core values. We do our best to not only get to know the person, but figure out if they are a good fit for the position and with our established team.

Sure, it’s more time consuming than just saying yes to Fred and giving him a job, but it will get you one step closer to finding that perfect fit. And does this guarantee everything will be peachy when the new person takes up his or her role? No, not every time. However, it’s worked for us so far, so you might as well give it a try.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.