Hedstrom Fitness Launches Surge Riptide

Surge Riptide

Hedstrom Fitness is pleased to announce the launch of their newest product in the Hydro-Interia Training line – the Surge Riptide.

This specialized training tool utilizes water to create an unstable and unpredictable resistance, allowing the muscles to be challenged no matter what the exercise. The Riptide also provides a unique challenge to the joints and stabilizing muscles, forcing the body to resist and control the unpredictable nature of the shifting water. The advanced core training the Riptide offers allows for over 50 innovative movement patterns that stimulate top-down instability the way it happens in life.

The Surge Riptide is similar in many aspects to the Surge® Storm, launched last summer, just more compact for easier accessibility. The Riptide is 33 inches in length and can hold up to 38 pounds of water. Two soft grip handles, one long centered handle and end cap grips allow for a wide range of exercise options.

“This product has so many functional training and core training uses, and can be used by everyone from elite athletes to beginner fitness enthusiasts,” said Candice Brooks, the Hedstrom fitness programming and master trainer team director. “Utilizing water as the weight means the product is adaptable to any user’s strength and abilities. By simply adding or eliminating water you can quickly change the product from an entry-level training tool to a very intense piece of equipment.”

The Surge Riptide is available to purchase at hedstromfitness.com

About Hedstrom Fitness

Hedstrom Fitness is a division of Ball, Bounce and Sport, Inc., one of the nation’s premier manufacturer, distributor and marketer of play and sports balls, with more than 400 employees and distribution networks in the U.S. and Canada. Based in Ashland, Ohio, Hedstrom Plastics, a sister division, currently manufactures BOSU, Kamagon and Surge products. Hedstrom Fitness is dedicated to delivering products that are unique and versatile, and fill a specific niche within the fitness industry.

For more information, visit hedstromfitness.com.