Hedstrom Fitness Introduces The Surge

The Surge

Hedstrom Fitness announces the launch of the Surge – a revolutionary new fitness tool that harnesses the power of water to create dynamic, “live” resistance – Hydro-Inertia Training turning traditional functional training on its head.

Holding up to 65 pounds of water, the Surge is no joke when it comes to strength and core training. The Surge imposes “top down” instability and challenges the body to react to ever-changing resistance, preparing the body for the real-life strength and movements required of athletes, firefighters or first responders, and active individuals on any typical day.

“The Surge is different than anything I’ve used, and it’s perfect for the CrossFit training environment,” said Casey Stutzman, ACE, AFAA, FMS Certified Trainer and Surge Master Trainer, in a press release. “Hydro-Inertia Training is a great way to improve performance on heavy lifts – such as squats or deadlifts – because it provides immediate feedback to let the lifter know if they are maintaining proper form. The other huge benefit is you can do a lot of high tension training with low load, so recovery times between workouts are drastically decreased.”

The dynamic, mulit-purpose nature of the Surge training will improve:

  • Balance, stability and coordination.
  • Fundamental muscular movement and neuromuscular capabilities.
  • Body awareness, postural control and movement efficiency.
  • Muscular stabilization for stronger overall movements.

A Surge eight-hour training certification is available for trainers and Coaches interested in learning the techniques, methods and overload principles to orchestrate reactive stability exercises that challenge even your fittest clients. Whether you are training firefighters, police officers, military service men or women, elite athletes, or fitness enthusiasts, the Surge is an ideal tool for improving performance and reducing injuries. Go to getthesurge.com for more information.